additive manufacturing consultancy

“Additive Manufacturing” is the new buzz word in the world of manufacturing. Not all companies have resources and/or money available to hire a specialist full time to optimize existing parts or design them from scratch for Additive Manufacturing. This is were we can assist you to make the right choices regarding AM, so you can cut costs on several layers within the development- and manufacturing process.

design and engineering consultancy

At Innovativ3D, we encourage co-development. We know our clients value a well thought solution, either for AM or regular manufacturing. We have a broad expertise on engineering solutions and if we don’t know it yet, we’re always eager to learn along the process to understand your business and provide you an adequate solution.

product development

We offer you design services for any object that need to be developed, from a chair up to an injection molded part. We can take the lead in the complete ideation or concept creation, R&D-, 3D CAD modeling, prototyping-, pre-production phases and the first production batch in close consultation with you, our client.