“Additive Manufacturing” is the new buzz word in the world of manufacturing. Not all companies have resources and/or money available to hire a specialist full-time to optimize existing parts or design them from scratch for Additive Manufacturing. This is where we can assist you to make the right choices regarding AM, so you can cut costs on several layers within the development and manufacturing process.

Innovativ3D stands for fast paced product design without loosing quality.
To see what we can do for you, we kindly invite you to check our example here.

We are proud to introduce you the WWW-solution:

Win – we optimize your part(s). As a result you get an optimised design saving on material and production time and thus cost.
Win – we use mainly a digital workflow. Therefore you get more streamlined feedback, updates and overall save time and thus cost.
Win – we work with leading strategic partners, this results in reliable, strong parts, either for prototyping or end products.